Top 10 visitor attractions

In the Heart of Sweden there are plenty of things to discover and explore. Nationalparks, cosy wooden towns, bicycling- and hikingtrails in a wild landscape. The adventure is closer than you think. Here are the top 10 visitor attractions.

  1. Tiveden National Park
  2. The Bergslagsleden long-distance footpath
  3. Bergslagen cycling - bicycling trails
  4. Örebro Castle
  5. Wadköping open-air museum
  6. Nora, the wooden town, and Pershyttan cultural park 
  7. The North Vättern archipelago 
  8. Grythyttan, famous for Grythyttan Gästgivargård restaurant
  9. Björkborn, the home of Alfred Nobel
  10. Garphyttan National Park

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The Heart of Sweden is the demographic centre of Sweden, just 2 hours from Stockholm, and accessible by plane, car, bus and train – or why not by bike?
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