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When this is your view - it is hard to believe that there are cities nearby. This is The Heart of Sweden. Majestic, wild and peaceful! All routs are scenic. In the Heart of Sweden your adventure is closer than you think. The adventure is only 2 hours away from Stockholm!

Why visit the heart of Sweden?

The Heart of Sweden is the Örebro Region, situated at Sweden’s demographic center with Stockholm, Oslo and Gothenburg just a few hours away.

Go hiking - Bergslagsleden

The Bergslagsleden Trail is a 280-kilometre-long hiking trail that takes you through the whole of the county of Örebro.

Swedens largest cycling area

The Örebro Region has Sweden’s largest cycling area – Bergslagen cycling.

Enjoy our waterways

There are many opportunities to enjoy the surroundings by water in the Örebro Region.

Top 10 visitor attractions

In The Heart of Sweden there are plenty of things to discover and explore.


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Our tourist destinations

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Our tourist destinations

Örebro town


The Heart of Sweden is the demographic centre of Sweden, just 2 hours from Stockholm, and accessible by plane, car, bus and train – or why not by bike?

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